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The Charlestown Song

Composed by Gart T. Westerhout , son of residents Gart(dec.) and Judith Westerhout

Sung by the Harmonizers at the Spring Concert 2011           

Director - Evelyn Chesnutt, Accompanist - Celeste Blase 

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Biannual Concerts

Director - Evelyn Chesnutt, Accompanist - Celeste Blase

Holiday Concert 2018  Program

Spring Concert 2018    Program

 Holiday Concert 2017    Program

Spring Concert 2017    Program

 Holiday Concert 2016    Program

Spring Concert 2016    Program

  Holiday Concert 2015    Program

  Spring Concert 2015     Program

Holiday Concert 2014    Program

Spring Concert 2014    Program

Holiday Concert 2013    Program

Spring Concert 2013    Program

Holiday Concert 2012   Program

Accompanied on piano by Celeste Blase and Julia Hershfield 

and by the Charlestown Brass Quartet, Handbell Ringers and Percussion    

It's the Most Wonderful Time of  the Year

Composed by Edward Pola and George Wyle, 1963

Sung by the Harmonizers at the Christmas Concert 2008

Director - Jean Higdon, Accompanist - Celeste Blasť  


Updated February 13, 2019